Guide for FRENZ user

You can set a main character to create various media contents using your characters. Create and customize various characters and save them to [My characters]. Tap on the Crown button to set a main character.

To get access to your purchase history, tap on [Your character details > Card button], which will bring you to [My history] screen.
Use the same method to purchase new characters.

Pretty sure you’ve seen characters from all around the world!
Now it’s time to ‘Bookmark’ FRENZ you’d like to see frequently. 

The ‘Bookmark’ button on the top right side of the page will help you add any FRENZ to Bookmark. 

To access the bookmarked character later, you can find a ‘Bookmark list’ button on the top right side of the [Check out FRENZ] page to see all of the characters you have saved.

It’s same as a trial version of FRENZ app where you can create your own FRENZ characters and browse other FRENZ. 

You should sign up with your email to own and share your characters.

Please check if you’re browsing as guest, since the ownership to the characters is a member exclusive feature. 

Sign up/in to purchase characters.
If you encounter related problems after signing in, please send us an email with [Ownership Purchase Error] as a subject. 


To play Let'z go FRENZ World iOS 15 or higher is required.
If you are using iOS 15 or lower version, Please use it after updating the software. 

You can close/delete your account in [Settings > My Account > Leave FRENZ].
Please proceed with caution, remembering that information about your FRENZ characters and ownership you have purchased will be deleted and the recovery won't be allowed after the deletion.
In addition, you are not allowed to sign up with the same email address for 3 months after deleting your account.

It's an user ID that is automatically provided to you when you become a FRENZ member,
and it can't be arbitrarily modified or deleted.
Please remember that it can also be used self-verification key within the service.

The email verification will help you sign in on multiple devices.

If you send an email to cs@frenz.world with your login account, we will reset your password information.

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