Guide for FRENZ user

The marketplace that was available directly from the FRENZ app is currently unavailable. (Service termination: 2023.10.13)
We will provide further guidance when linking with a new marketplace in the future.

You can check the list of the history of transmission on the screen of FRENZ App > MY > HISTORY.
If you click a certain character on the list, you can see the properties of the transferred NFT items
on the Playdapp webpage, as well as trading or minting them.

You need to sign up on Playdapp and connect your account with a Solana wallet.

📒 Reference
► Characters converted to NFTs are transmitted to the blockchain network
so that they can be used only in a third-party service (Playdapp Marketplace) connected to the wallet.
► The transfer history on FRENZ App only shows the history of transmission.
► Importing FRENZ NFTs from external platforms will be upadated in the future.

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