Community Guidelines

1. Introduction 

Community Guidelines are rules designed to allow all FRENZ users to express themselves freely while using the service safely and enjoyably. Create a character to meet and communicate with people around the world in new ways through FRENZ. The FRENZ team will cherish the character of users created with rich imagination.

Communication Guidelines

- Always be considerate of the other person. We express only words and actions that respect each other so that we can be together safely and happily on the platform.

- Please refrain from sending or creating any content (posts, words and actions, messages, items, broadcasts, etc.) character, digital or non-digital products, and/or any other similar contents and objects (“Content”) that the other party does not want to receive. In particular, the transmission or creation of Content that may be offensive to others is strictly prohibited by the FRENZ service.

- Act in accordance with the norms of our global community users. FRENZ is a service operating all over the world. We strive to respect the cultures and norms of various regions.

- We accept a variety of opinions. Anyone can hold a different opinion. This diversity is a positive factor that makes the platform more advanced and a richer world. Blaming, bullying, or harming someone for thinking differently than you is prohibited.

- Be truthful. Deception or manipulation is prohibited. When purchasing FRENZ's goods, use only the correct payment method.

- Use the service legally. Do not engage in illegal activities through FRENZ, which may be reported to law enforcement.

These guidelines apply to all FRENZ-related situations, events and content, both online and offline.

Company is committed to continually updating the Community Guidelines to avoid emerging risks and behaviors and to hear valuable feedback from you. If you have any questions or inquiries about FRENZ at any time, please contact the customer center.

2. Privacy

You must first try to protect your own personal information. We do not share personal information with others. Unnecessary registration of personal information is prohibited. Even so, there are cases where personal information is not filtered. Please do not display your valuable personal information in any public/private content such as messages, comments, and posts.

Personal information that should be protected

- Name

- E-mail

- Password

- Address (residence, school, company, etc.)

- Mobile phone number, landline number

- ID number such as social security number, passport number, driver's license number

- Posts that expose private life without consent, such as personal information and photos of others

- Any other personally identifiable information (PII) that can identify you


3. Prohibited actions

In order to maintain a safe FRENZ community built with trust, the following actions are strongly prohibited. The posting, sharing, creating and/or distributing of Content related to prohibited acts may be immediately deleted or restricted without prior notice.


3-1) Violent and offensive content

FRENZ encourages the creation of creative Content, but does not allow the posting of violent and offensive Content. We do not allow Content that is unnecessarily shocking or that contains elements of discomfort, cruelty, violence, or harassment.

Prohibited posting and sharing

- Anti-humanity Content

- Content that encourages, routinizes or glorifies extreme violence or pain

- Tragic and shocking incidents such as real violence, cruelty, and massacre

- Content about people such as:

  - Using a weapon or dangerous object to damage the body

  - Related to a terrible death or accident

  - Mutilated, damaged, burned or burnt corpse

  - Bloody Content that highlights open wounds or injuries

  - Physical violence, fights and torture in the real world

  - Realistic description of feces, body fluids, or secretions

  - Physical and mental abuse

  - Overly detailed description of medical practice

- The following Content about animals:

  - Slaughter of animals or other non-natural deaths

  - Carcasses of amputated, damaged, burned or burnt animals

  - Cruelty and bloody Content against animals

  - Physical and mental abuse

3-2) Suicide, self-harm and other dangerous behavior

We do not allow Content that depicts, encourages, routinizes, or glorifies dangerous behavior that could lead to suicide, self-harm or disability. We do not portray or encourage others to participate in dangerous activities that could result in serious injury or death.

If you are struggling with suicide, self-harm thoughts, or know someone seriously considering suicide, we recommend that you report it immediately to your local emergency services or suicide prevention organization or services.

Prohibited posting and sharing


- Content that could lead to suicide, suicidal thoughts, or similar behavior

- Content that teaches you how to commit suicide

- Content that attempts, portrays, encourages, routinizes or glorifies suicide

- Suicide games, suicide challenges, suicide promises or pranks

- Content that shows participation or intent to engage in behaviors that are likely to lead to suicide

- Any form of Content that portrays suicide as heroic or honorable

Self-harm and eating disorders

- Content that depicts, encourages, routinizes or glorifies self-harm or eating disorders

- Content that teaches you how to participate in self-harm or eating disorders

- Content that promotes or routinizes behaviors that are likely to cause bodily injury due to self-harm

- Content related to self-harm or eating disorder related games, challenges, or pranks

- Content that depicts, encourages, routinizes, or glorifies dangerous weight loss and health-damaging behaviors, such as eating disorders

Dangerous acts

- Content that shows improper use of dangerous tools, cars, or objects

- Content depicting or encouraging eating non-edible or potentially seriously harmful objects

- Dangerous games, challenges or stunts that can lead to injury

- Where non-professionals do not have the necessary skills and safety measures, which may result in serious injury or death to the user or the public.

- Content that depicts, encourages, routinizes or glorifies dangerous behavior, including dangerous challenges


3-3) Violent conduct and organization

We are against violence on and off the FRENZ platform. We do not allow the use of services for threats or violence, or to promote dangerous people and groups. In order to effectively protect the community, you can refer to other platforms and offline information to identify violent and extremist people and groups that exist on the platform.

Prohibited posting, sharing, creation and usage

Threats and agitation of violence

- Agitation that advocates, directs, or promotes violence

- A statement of intent to inflict bodily injury to an individual or group

- Images or comments that advocate physical violence against others or promote violence

- Remarks about wishes or conditions that encourage others to commit violence

- A request to bring a weapon to a location with the intent to threaten or intimidate an individual or group

- Directing how to make and use weapons with the intent to promote violence

Dangerous persons and organizations

- Genocide, serial killers, rapists, hate groups, criminal gangs, terrorist gangs and other armed groups targeting civilians

- Account information of dangerous persons and organizations

- Encourage violence or hate, dehumanize individuals and groups, embrace hateful ideologies

- Terrorists and terrorist organizations: non-state actors who use violence, threaten and/or commit serious crimes (such as anti-humanitarian crimes) against civilians in order to achieve political, religious, ethnic or ideological goals.

- Criminal organizations: violent crimes (e.g. murder, rape, robbery, violence), trafficking (e.g. trafficking, organs, drugs & weapons), kidnapping, economic crimes (e.g. blackmail, extortion, fraud, money laundering) or cybercrime

- Transnational, national or regional groups involved in serious crimes

- Content that compliments, encourages, recruits, glorifies or supports dangerous people and/or organizations

- Content containing names, symbols, logos, flags, slogans, uniforms, gestures, salutes, drawings, portraits, songs, music, lyrics, or other objects that represent dangerous persons and/or organizations


3-4) Hateful behavior

We do not discriminate against each other in order to run a community where users from all over the world come together. We value diversity and inclusion as positive growth factors for our community.

Hateful behavior target protection

- Age

- Race, ethnicity

- Nationality, country of origin, and cultural background

- Language

- Religion

- Caste, socioeconomic status, occupation

- Sexual orientation, gender

- Gender, gender identity

- Physical and mental illness and disability

- Immigrant status

- Political orientation

Prohibited posting, sharing, creation and usage

- Content that uses or contains discriminatory slang

- Content offensive to the above protected individuals or groups

- Hateful Content targeted to the protected individuals or groups

  - Calling them inferior physically, mentally or morally

  - Hate speech, attacks, and threats against them

  - Requesting or justifying violence against them

  - Claiming them be criminals

  - Dehumanization, referring to them as animals, inanimate objects, or other subhuman beings

  - Facilitating or justifying the exclusion, separation or discrimination against them

- Content depicting violence perpetrated against individuals or groups within the above protected areas

- Content that compliments, promotes, glorifies, or supports hate ideologies

- Content including costumes, names, symbols, logos, flags, slogans, uniforms, gestures, salutes, drawings, portraits, songs, music, lyrics, or other objects related to hate ideology

- Content that denies past violent incidents that damage the protected subject

- Content that claims superiority by comparing a specific group

- Content dealing with conspiracy theories used to justify hate ideology

3-5) Illegal activity and regulated goods or service

The laws and social regulations that apply in most countries are also observed on the FRENZ platform. In many countries and regions, if the activity or item is related to an illegal or regulated activity or item, the related Content may be removed even if the activity or item is legal in the jurisdiction in which the Content was posted, created, distributed and/or marketed. Criminal activity is prohibited.

Prohibited posting, sharing, creation and usage

Criminal activity

- A wide range of activities that may be punishable under law, including theft, assault, human exploitation, counterfeiting and other harmful behavior.

- Content depicting or encouraging bodily harm, such as violence or kidnapping

- Content that threatens the safety of others, such as false reporting (swatting)

- Content depicting or encouraging human exploitation, including human trafficking, secured labor (forced labor to pay debts), domestic slavery, prostitution, or prostitution

- Content depicting or encouraging poaching or illegal wildlife trade

- Content that proposes or requests the purchase, sale, or transaction of illegally acquired or counterfeit items

- Content that teaches you how to commit criminal activity

- Posts that pose a direct and serious risk to public safety as there is a fear of tolerating or promoting a crime by glorifying or supporting a crime, criminal or criminal organization, etc.

- The transaction, sale, promotion and use of certain regulated goods, including the depiction, facilitation or promotion of criminal activity, including human exploitation.

- Various hacking, phishing, arson, abuse, cheating, spam, deception, fraud


- Content showing firearms, firearm accessories, ammunition or explosive weapons

- Content that offers or requests the purchase, sale, or trade of firearms, accessories, ammunition, explosive weapons, or their recipes

- Content that encourages the use of weapons

- Weapons-related Content that is part of the museum's collection or used in a safe and controlled environment, such as weapons in the possession of police officers, military parades, or shooting ranges, may be allowed in part.

Drugs, Controlled Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco

- Content depicting or encouraging the consumption of drugs and drugs, or encouraging others to make, use, or trade drugs and other controlled substances

- Content that offers or requests the purchase, sale, or transaction of drugs and other controlled substances, alcohol or tobacco (including e-cigarette products) products

- Content that provides information on how to purchase illegal or regulated drugs

- Content depicting or encouraging the manufacture of illegal alcohol products

- Content depicting or encouraging the misuse of legitimate drugs or the manual preparation of drugs to ingest

- Illegal over-the-counter drugs or prescription drugs

- Use or sale of drugs, alcohol or tobacco by minors


- Content that promotes casino, sports betting, poker, lottery, gambling-related software and apps or other gambling services

Medical Advertising

- Content containing pre-censorship items (only Content consisting of exemption from censorship and/or any applicable laws and regulation can be published)

3-6) Harassment

We do not harass or insult community members. Such Content or speech can cause serious psychological stress. Show a caring attitude to others anytime, anywhere.

Prohibited posting, sharing, creation and usage

Abusive behavior and harassment

- Profanity against yourself or someone involved

- Content insulting or shaming others based on intelligence, appearance, personality, or hygiene

- The act of harassing or bullying someone by collusion

- Content that despises victims of violent tragedy

- Deliberate damage or intimidation, such as cyber stalking or trolling.

- Content that wishes for serious damage, such as the death or illness of a specific person or public figure

Sexual harassment

- Unwanted sexual contact attempt

- Content that pretends to engage in sexual activity with other users using speech or text (including emoji), photos, videos, and in-app features

- Content that shames the sexual behavior of others

- Content depicting or suggesting participation in sexual or sexual acts by altering or transforming the image of others

- Content that discloses or threatens to disclose someone's private sex life, including digital content, sexual past, and threats to disclose the name of a past sex partner

- Content that exposes or threatens to expose someone's sexual orientation without consent or without the person's knowledge

Hacking, doxxing and threats of intimidation

- Content that threatens to disclose personal or personally identifiable information (PII), including home addresses, undisclosed email addresses, private phone numbers, bank statements, social security numbers, or passport numbers.

- Content that threatens to hack or extort someone else's account

- Content that incites or encourages others to hack or disclose a person's account, personal information, or personally identifiable information (PII)

- Content that discloses someone's account, personal information, or personally identifiable information so that others may misuse, troll, or harass.


3-7) Exposure and sexual activity

Users of different ages and genders come together on FRENZ. Do not share sexual depictions or disagreeable sexual images. Content that depicts or supports sexual exploitation is strongly prohibited. We also do not allow depictions of nudity or sexual activity in Content, including digitally created or manipulated avatars.

Prohibited posting, sharing, creation and usage

Sexual exploitation

- Abuse or attempt to abuse one's own credibility, position, or weaknesses of others for sexual purposes

- An act of gaining an economic, social or political advantage from the sexual exploitation of others.

- Content that depicts, requests/suggests, promotes, routinizes or glorifies sexual activity or contact without consent, including rape and sexual violence

- Content that depicts, requests/suggests, encourages, routinizes, or glorifies the sharing of sexual images that are not consented to, including sexual images photographed, produced, or shared without consent

- Content that depicts, encourages, routinizes or glorifies sexual violence

- Suggestions and requests for sexual partners, sexual chats or images, sexual services, premium sexual content, or sex cams (a service that shows someone having sex in real-time)

- Content that depicts, encourages or glorifies sexual requests/suggestions

Nudity and sexual activity

- Content that depicts sexual activity, either explicitly or implicitly, including sexual intercourse and sexual kissing

- Content depicting sexual arousal or sexual stimulation

- Content depicting sexual fetish

- Content depicting exposed human genitals and sexual areas

- Content containing sexually explicit language for sexual satisfaction

- Misleading sexual or sexual thumbnails or other images, videos, or text

3-8) Impersonation and fraud

Act as a sincere and trustworthy community member. False information such as spam or fake interactions or impersonation may harm others or violate intellectual property rights. Fake interaction refers to all Content and actions that make one seem more popular than it actually is.

For fan, parody, and comment accounts, we allow some of this if the user discloses this in their profile and username and has no connection with the subject of the account.

Do not organize disrespectful activities to influence and manipulate public opinion by providing misinformation to community members about the identity, location, or purpose of an account.

Prohibited posting, sharing, creation and usage

Fake interaction

- Attempt to manipulate platforms to increase interaction numbers

- Share how to artificially increase the number of interactions

- Any act or attempt to buy or sell platform activities such as accounts, views, likes, followers, shares or comments

- Promote artificial traffic generation services

- Multiple pseudonym or false FRENZ accounts for commercial spam distribution

- Impersonating another person by using the name, history information, or profile picture of another person or organization to deceive others.


- The act of guaranteeing the transaction or acquisition of virtual goods in FRENZ or real goods in reality other than the official FRENZ purchase method (including gift cards, gift certificates, etc.)

- A scam that promises to provide paid items or Content within FRENZ and takes economic or personal gains

- Content and actions that illegally deceive people for economic or personal gain

- Content depicting or encouraging phishing

- Content depicting or encouraging Ponzi fraud, multi-level marketing or pyramid fraud

- Content that depicts or encourages investment fraud, match manipulation, or any other type of fraud that promises high returns

False information

- False information that promotes hate or prejudice

- Misinformation about an emergency that causes confusion

- Incorrect medical information that could harm physical health

- Content that misleads community members about the election or civic engagement process

- Conspiracy theory Content that attacks specific protected targets, calls for violent behavior, or denies violent or tragic events that have occurred in the past

- Digital counterfeit (media synthesis or manipulation) Content that misleads the user by distorting the truth about the incident and harms the subject of the video or other person or society as a whole


4. Protection of minors

In order to support a safe and prosperous community, we must emphasize the safety of minors. Abuse, exploitation, or endangerment or abuse of minors is never tolerated.

Any Content that depicts abuse, exploitation, or nudity of minors, including digitally created or manipulated avatar content, is prohibited for sharing on the platform. Such content and sharing will be reported to the relevant law enforcement authorities, if necessary.

In order to use FRENZ, you must meet the minimum age requirements specified in the FRENZ Terms and Condition. The minimum age requirement is set differently for each country depending on the user's residence and nationality. If we identify an account holder younger than the age requirement, we will delete the account.

In order for minors to use FRENZ safely, some features have age restrictions.

Prohibited posting, sharing, creation and usage

Sexual exploitation of minors

- Offers to share, reshare, trade, or sell child sexual abuse (CSAM) and Content that lures users outside the platform to obtain or distribute CSAM

- Content that is sexually related to minors, or that sexualizes minors in other ways

- Content that exposes, sexualizes, or glorifies or encourages minors

- Content that depicts, encourages, routinizes or glorifies pedophilia or sexual violence in minors

- Content that can harm a minor abuse victim by reproducing or sharing the content of sexual violence or confession by a third party

- Sexual exchange and access between adults and minors or minors with a large age difference

- Comments, emojis, texts, or other Content that alludes to the nakedness or sexual activity of a minor


Grooming is when an adult establishes an emotional relationship with a minor to gain the trust of a minor for the next or subsequent sexual contact, sexual abuse, prostitution, or other exploitation. Such actions include flattery, requests for contact on and off the platform, requests for personal information, requests/suggestions for material abuse of minors, requests for/promotions of sexuality, or giving comments and gifts.

- Approach to grooming

- Content that depicts, encourages, routinizes or glorifies grooming behavior

- Content and actions that request/suggest sexual contact between minors and adults or minors with a large age difference in the real world

- Content and actions that show, suggest or request naked images of minors

- Any Content and behavior that requests/suggests nude images or sexual contact through intimidation or other coercive or persuasive means.

Content and service activities that are harmful to minors

- Content that suggests, depicts, imitates or encourages the possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages, cigarettes and drugs by minor

- Content that targets minors and tells them how to buy, sell, or trade alcohol, tobacco, or controlled substances

- Activities that threaten the safety of youth, including physical challenges, challenges and stunts

- If an account holder finds a post or comment that expresses themself as being involved in a crime against a pedophile or minor, such information will be considered factual and the account will be deleted.


5. Protection of intellectual property

Copyright is a legal right that protects the original creator of creative work (e.g. music, video) and the form of expression of an original idea (e.g. the way a video or music is expressed or produced). However, it does not protect the ideas or facts contained therein. Trademarks are words, symbols, slogans, or designs that describe the source of a product or service. All FRENZ users are encouraged to create and transmit original Content.

Content that infringes on the intellectual property rights of others is strictly prohibited. Content infringing on intellectual property rights will be deleted immediately upon discovery. Use of copyrighted creations under certain circumstances, such as fair use doctrine or other applicable laws, refer to any product or service, legally refer to, criticize, parody, or use a trademark to create or evaluate a fan page may not be considered a policy violation.

Please respect the rights of others with honor, privacy, and copyright. Posts that express personal experiences and opinions can still be restricted from sharing if they involve honor, privacy, copyright, etc. of others through court judgments, decisions, or dispositions.

Prohibited posting, sharing, creation and usage

- Content that violates or infringes on the copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property rights of others

- Acts of transmitting copyrighted Content such as music, image, video, etc. without the permission of the copyright holder.

- Stealing and distributing other people's posts without the permission of the original creator

- Posts such as videos containing the logos of broadcasters that did not allow sharing of their programs

- Content that recommends illegal copying of clothing, accessories, images, broadcasts, videos, sound sources, cartoons (including webtoons), novels (including web novels), games, and software sold for a fee, or provides an illegal download link

- Posts that share bugs or hacking programs that neutralize the technical protection measures of the right holder

Copyright holder's rights

If you find Content that violates related laws such as the Information and Communication Network Act and the Copyright Act, please contact customer service.

Regarding the suspension of posting, if the publisher of the original post clarifies that posting of his/her post does not constitute an act of infringement of rights such as honor, or if he/she clarifies that his/her copy/sharing is due to a legitimate right and files an objection, after a predetermined period of time has elapsed, posting will be allowed or reproduction/sharing permission will be resumed.

6. Platform security

Please do not attempt any activity that may compromise the security and reliability of the FRENZ service.

Prohibited posting, sharing, creation and usage

- Hacking websites, mobile applications, or related networks, or attempting to bypass actions to restrict user access.

- Distributing files containing viruses, Trojan horses (malware), worms, logic bombs, and other malicious or harmful Content

- Modification, transformation, translation, reverse-engineering, dismantling, decompile program creation and distribution of derivative products based on FRENZ including files, tables or documents

- Attempts to reproduce source code, algorithms, systems or techniques inherent in FRENZ

- Collecting information from FRENZ using an automated script

- Posting Content using automated means (e.g. macro programs, robots (bots), spiders, scrapers, etc.) without prior permission

- The act of causing inconvenience to other users by continuing to post posts of the same or similar Content for the purpose of promoting, advertising or selling goods or services

7. Sanctions

Company is trying to prevent posting and preemptively filter out Content that violates the above guidelines. However, if any Content, account, or service usage behavior that violates the above guidelines is discovered, sanctions based on internal standards will be immediately applied.

Accounts that threaten the safety of members of the FRENZ community or commit inappropriate behaviors will be restricted or suspended. In this process, if necessary, we may report the case to the relevant law enforcement authorities.

Proactively report problematic Content. When making a report, submit the URL of the post you want to report and the reason for restricting the post so that the person in charge can review your inquiry more quickly and accurately.

Possible sanctions

- Content deletion and account suspension by period

- Restrictions on the use of FRENZ services

- Deleting and hiding all Content that violates community guidelines

- Exclusion from Content search results and referral feed impressions

Objection to sanctions

If you have objections to the sanctions you have received, please leave an objection application through the customer center during the suspension period. After carefully reviewing the details of the application and the internal sanction criteria, we will inform you of the results.

If you have any questions regarding the FRENZ service, please feel free to leave an inquiry to the customer center(

FRENZ Community Guidelines

These terms and conditions ("Terms and Conditions") cover issues related to the FRENZ Application of IPX Corporation ("IPX Corporation" or the "Company") and related programs, software, etc. ("Service(s)" or "FRENZ"), as well as access and use of all information and text, graphics, photographs and other materials uploaded, downloaded or shared on the FRENZ Application (collectively referred to as the "Content(s)"). If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, you will not be able to use FRENZ. So please check it out sincerely and agree.

1. Contract with the Company

1) Governing law: By entering into a contract with the Company pursuant to this Terms and Conditions, the user of FRENZ (“User”) agrees to comply with the laws of the Republic of Korea regardless of the conflict of law provisions.

2) All information provided to the Company is subject to the Company's privacy policy regarding the collection and use of personal data.  As part of the Service, the Company may send Users service notices and informational messages, which are part of the Services and may not be opted out.

3) The Company may withhold, accept, or refuse the applicant's application for membership, may terminate the User agreement at a later date or may restrict the use of Services for a specific time if it is not appropriate to accept the applicant's application due to such reasons as mechanical access to the FRENZ service system, account theft, provision of false information, and confirmation of the applicant's abuse of the Services.

2. Posting and revision of the Terms and Conditions

1) The Company shall post these Terms and Conditions on the start page of the FRENZ service or a separate linked page, or a pop-up screen, etc., so that Users can quickly notice them.

2) The Company may amend the Terms and Conditions to the extent that it does not violate relevant laws such as the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection ("Information and Communications Network Act"), the Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, and the Act on Regulation of the Terms and Conditions.

3) If the Company amends the Terms and Conditions, the date of application and the reason for the amendment shall be specified, and the effective date of the amended Terms and Conditions along with the current Terms and Conditions in the manner specified in Paragraph 1 shall be notified seven (7) days before the effective date. However, if the content of the amendment is legally disadvantageous to the User, the same content shall be provided thirty (30) days prior to the date of effectiveness, and the content shall be sent to the User directly via email or other applicable means.

4) If the Company announces or notifies the amended Terms and Conditions under the previous paragraph, or if the Company clearly announces or notifies that the User shall be deemed to have accepted the amendment of the Terms and Conditions, and the User does not express a refusal within seven (7) or thirty (30) days, whichever is applicable, the User shall be deemed to have accepted the amendment of the Terms and Conditions.

5) If the User does not agree to the application of the amended Terms and Conditions, the contents of the FRENZ's amended Terms and Conditions cannot be applied, and in this case, the User may cancel the User agreement. However, the Company may terminate the User agreement if there are exceptional circumstances in which the existing terms and conditions cannot be applied.

3. FRENZ IP Contents and FRENZ Character

1) 'FRENZ IP Contents' mean all copyrighted works produced by the Company directly or through a third party, or elements of works (characters, character parts, items, videos, images, games, texts, stories, graphics, music, live broadcasts, stationery, etc.) legal rights to which belong to a third party engaged in the contractual relationship with the Company to configure and operate the FRENZ service (including not only visually confirmable materials but also programs, software, etc. used directly or indirectly in the information processing equipment, such as computers). All materials in the Services, including the selection and arrangement of FRENZ IP Contents, are subject to copyright, trademark, and trade dress. Patent and/or other intellectual property rights (including but not limited to the rights for derivative works) are owned by Company and are protected by governing law. In addition, Company can use FRENZ IP Contents for any purpose, period, place, etc., without any restrictions on such FRENZ IP Contents and all works based on such FRENZ IP Contents (including but not limited to the right to create derivative works).

2) The User can, pursuant to this Terms and Conditions create a digital character (“FRENZ Character”) by utilizing and combining FRENZ IP Contents together. The User may interact with other by posting, transmitting and/or storing such FRENZ Character as well.  In such case, the User must also follow the Company's community guidelines, which are updated from time to time.

3)  Users may only use and exercise copyrights on the FRENZ Character (including derivative works and other intellectual property rights) to the extent permitted by Terms and Conditions. The Company may use FRENZ Characters for commercial purposes without restrictions on the purpose or territory.

4) FRENZ Characters are created or produced based on FRENZ IP Contents, and the User must use them without violating the guidelines established by the Company, especially when using them outside the FRENZ platform. User must comply with the FRENZ Character Usage Guidelines established by the Company. The copyright (including but not limited to the right to create derivative works) and other intellectual property rights to the FRENZ IP Contents and all works based on it shall still belong to the Company.

5) The User shall be fully liable for the FRENZ Character and any damages caused by it, and Company shall not be held liable for that. Although it is not obligatory, the Company may, in its sole discretion, review, supervise, and remove FRENZ Characters at any time.

Read the full text on the FRENZ Character Usage Guidelines

4. Community Guidelines

The Company's community guidelines are the rules established so that all FRENZ Users can express themselves freely and use the Company's Services safely and happily.

Please refrain from forwarding messages to those who do not want to receive them, especially those with offensive content.

You should carefully consider the content and audience of the messages you send. Anyone can capture your screen, but it must be legal when you save it or share it with your friends.

All use shall be legal. Do not attempt any illegal activity through FRENZ, and do not query or interact with any of the following contents:

  • Obscene materials
  • Exposure of photos and sensitive content about minors (under 18 years old)
  • Content that encourages minors to participate in physically dangerous or harmful acts
  • Infringement of privacy
  • Threat
  • Bullying and outcast
  • Impersonation
  • Self-harm
  • Infringement of third-party rights
  • Use for political purposes
  • Racial, religious and sexual discrimination

If you violate the above regulations, your content may be deleted, your account may be suspended, and your future use of FRENZ may be restricted. Therefore, please carefully consider this policy's original purpose and strictly comply with it. The Company can share opinions with the FRENZ User community, change or add the rules, and will always do its best to enforce the rules fairly and consistently and take the most appropriate action for the situation according to its reasonable judgment.

Read the full text of the Community Guidelines

5. Feedback

Any feedback, suggestions, ideas and other information provided by the User to the Company or the Service by email or otherwise ("Feedback") shall not be deemed confidential. Still, it shall be considered the exclusive property of the Company. That is to say, the Company may use and distribute the Feedback for commercial or other purposes without restriction, without giving any notice or compensation to the User who provided it. Furthermore, the User shall not be entitled to exercise any rights, including copyrights and moral rights. The Company always listens to Users' opinions, but please refrain from inquiries requesting ownership and other rights or monetary compensation for this.

6. Prohibited acts

With the restrictions outlined in these Terms and Conditions, the User agrees to refrain from the following acts. Except as expressly permitted by these Terms and Conditions, any use of FRENZ IP Contents, FRENZ Characters and Services without the Company's prior written consent is strictly prohibited. The right to use the license granted under these Terms and Conditions shall be terminated if such an act occurs.

  • Any use of the Services for illegal or unintended purposes or in breach of these Terms and Conditions or any third-party terms and conditions for the specific service;
  • Acts of obstructing, interrupting or restricting other Users' use of the Service, or using the Service in a manner that adversely affects it, or damages, impedes, overloads, or damages the function of the Service;
  • Acts of damaging Service security;
  • Acts of sending unwanted advertisement, spam, solicitation, or promotional materials without consent;
  • Acts of accessing Services or extracting data using a robot, spiders, crawler, scraper, or other automated means or interface not provided by the Company;
  • Acts of reverse design of any part of the Services or attempt to discover the source code by circumventing or avoiding devices designed to prevent or restrict access to areas, Content or code of the Services;
  • Acts of using or attempting to use another User's account without permission;
  • Acts of attempting to circumvent Content filtering technology used by the company or access areas or functions of the Service that you are not authorized to access;
  • Acts of downloading FRENZ IP Contents, FRENZ Characters and Services, and any information contained therein, unless expressly permitted by the Services (excluding page caching);
  • Acts of accessing FRENZ API without permission or with a third-party customer;
  • Acts of revealing the relationship with the Company or promoting other companies’ products and Services without the Company's express written consent;
  • Acts of participating in bullying, intimidating, threatening, stalking, etc.
  • Acts of misrepresenting another person or institution or their relationship;
  • Acts of infringing on others' portrait rights, privacy, or information protection rights, such as taking photos without their consent.
  • Acts of infringing on the patent right, trademark right, trade secret, copyright, other intellectual property rights, or proprietary right of others;
  • Acts of selling, renting, lending, or otherwise selling access rights to a FRENZ account, message, username, or friend link in exchange for money without FRENZ's prior written consent;
  • Acts of developing a third-party app that can interact with FRENZ Characters or Services without the Company's prior written consent;
  • Acts of encouraging or promoting illegal or unauthorized use of the Services and violating Terms and Conditions;
  • Acts of using Service characters for commercial purposes without using paid items;
  • When you post reviews on FRENZ, such as the iTunes app store service terms and conditions and the Android market service terms and conditions, you must comply with any third party's terms and conditions applicable to the service. In addition, it is strictly prohibited to expose your FRENZ username when creating app store reviews, and violating this may result in the deletion of your FRENZ account.

7. Service use license

The Company grants the User a personal, worldwide, non-transferable, royalty-free, non-exclusive license to use the software provided as part of the Services. Such license is provided solely to benefit from the company Services to the extent permitted by these Terms and Conditions.

1) Account information: To use the Service, you must create a FRENZ account. You shall be liable for the security of your login credentials and all activities conducted through your account.

The User may reproduce, repost, transform, download, transmit, modify, display, reverse design, sell and promote, rent, lend, assign, distribute, license, sublicense and use without authorization all or part of programs and software related to FRENZ services.

8. Company rights

All ownership rights, rights and interests in and to the Services (excluding user-provided content) are the Company's exclusive property and the Company's license. The Services are protected by copyright, trademark and other laws, and nothing in these Terms and Conditions grants any User the right to use the Company's tradename and trade name, logo, domain name and other unique brand features. Feedback, opinions and suggestions regarding the Company and Services are provided voluntarily by the User. If the Company finds them suitable, such opinions, feedback and suggestions shall be used freely without notifying the provider.

9. AD posting

In connection with the operation of the Company's Services, the Company may post advertisements directly on the Service screen through Companyor affiliated third parties.

10. Displaying the Content of paid items, etc.

1) The Company displays the following matters in an easy-to-understand manner for Users on the start screen for the use of Paid Items, FAQ, etc.

The name and product of paid items

Name of the service provider of the paid items (company name in case of a company), address, phone number

The Contents of the paid items, terms of use, fees and other relevant conditions.

2) The equipment available for the Company's paid items and the minimum required items for use shall comply with the recommended specifications.

3) When providing paid items, the Company shall set the conditions and procedures for exchanging, returning, guaranteeing, and refunding paid items.

4) User's monthly cumulative payment amount and paid service purchase limit may be limited according to the Company's policy and the standards set by the payment method provided in Paragraph 1. If the applicable standard is exceeded, additional use of paid services may not be possible.

11. Period of use, etc.

The period of use or validity of paid services shall be as indicated at the time of the contract conclusion. The right to use paid services that have expired may be cancelled.

12. Compensation for damage caused by defects in goods, etc.

Compensation for User’s damages caused by the defects in paid services shall be determined by applicable laws

13. Copyright policy

1) If another person's FRENZ Character violates or is suspected of violating relevant laws, such as the Information and Communications Network Act and the Copyright Act, suspension or deletion of the relevant FRENZ Character can be requested following the procedures stipulated by the relevant laws, and the Company shall take steps under such relevant laws.

2) Even if there is no request from the right holder under the previous paragraph, if there is a reason to suspect the infringement of rights or if it violates other policies of the company or related laws, the Company may take temporary measures against the Contents and shall not assume any liability for that. If necessary, the Company may terminate a User's account who repeatedly infringes the copyright.

3) Detailed procedures under this article shall follow the posting suspension request service established by the Company within the scope of the Information and Communications Network Act and the Copyright Act.

14. Disclaimer

1) In the course of using the Services, you may be exposed to offensive, sensitive, or insulting materials posted by other Users. You agree to accept such risk factors by accessing and using the Services. The Content exposed on the Company's website or Services may not reflect the opinion of the Company and does not support or endorse any Content posted by Users of the Service.

2) Although the Company takes appropriate measures to protect User Content safely, it is impossible to prevent 100% of all risks that may arise from the exposure of such Content.

3) Disclaimer: To the maximum extent permitted by related law, the Company's Services and website, app, Contents and all other materials are provided "as is" without any explicit, implicit or statutory warranties whatsoever. The Company shall not guarantee that (1) the Services and materials meet User's requirements or are continuously uninterrupted, timely, safe, and error-free; (2) results obtained through the use of the website, services, and materials are effective, accurate or reliable; and (3) that all errors and defects found on the website, services and materials are immediately solved.

15. Limitation of liability

Except as prohibited by law, the Company and the Company's vendors and their respective officers, directors, employees and agents ("Company") shall not be liable for (1) the use of, or inability to use, the Services; (2) the provision of the Services and materials available through the Service; and (3) any indirect, special, punitive, incidental, exemplary, or consequential damages occurred by acts of the Service User.

16. Settlement of disputes with the Company

1) Unless otherwise stipulated in writing, in case of a dispute with the Company, the district court with the jurisdiction over the User's residence address at the time of filing the lawsuit, or the district court having jurisdiction in the place of residence if there is no address available shall have exclusive jurisdiction. However, if the User's address or residence is not precise when filing the lawsuit, the court of jurisdiction shall be determined by the Civil Procedure Act.

2) For Users with overseas addresses or places of residence, notwithstanding the previous paragraph, the Seoul Central District Court of Korea shall be the court of jurisdiction for litigations regarding disputes between the Company and Users.

3) Disclaimer: The Company and the User disclaim the responsibility and rights of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods and agree not to apply them in using the Services.

17. Termination

1) The User can stop using the Services at any time.

2) The Company may add, modify, or remove features of the Services at any time. In addition, the Company may suspend the provision of the Services, temporarily or permanently, or add new restrictions.

3) Payment obligations shall remain in effect even if the user account is terminated.

4) If the Services are terminated or suspended, the Company shall use reasonable efforts to notify the User about that and cooperate with the User to restore the user's contents.

18. General provisions

1) Severability: If any provision of these Terms and Conditions becomes unenforceable or invalid due to a court decision, the remaining provisions shall remain valid.

2) No waiver: Failure or suspension of the Company's enforcement of these Terms and Conditions shall not be considered a waiver of its right to enforce these Terms and Conditions.

3) Transfer Prohibition: Unless as permitted to the Users by this Terms and Contions, the User may not transfer rights and obligations under these Terms and Conditions to another person without the Company's written consent. However, in the event of a merger, acquisition or sale of services, the Company may transfer its rights and obligations to the User without the user's consent.

4) Entire agreement: These Terms and Conditions shall represent an entire and exclusive agreement between the Company and the User with respect to the Services and shall supersede all previous agreements with respect to the Services. The Company may, from time to time, amend these Terms and Conditions and, if in its sole determination the amendments are material, the Company shall notify the User about those amendments using a webpage banner or other appropriate means depending on the type of notice. If the User continues to use the Services after the amendment has been applied, the User shall be deemed to have agreed to the amended Terms and Conditions.

Additional Provision

These terms and conditions shall apply from 14th of October 2022.