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NFT TransferWhat is NFT ?

What is NFT?

NFT is an abbreviation for Non-Fungible Token. By saving digital files(jpeg, mp4, wav, etc…) on the blockchain network, one can prevent forgery and provide ownership of digital assets as NFTs.

What is Blockchain

Blockchain is decentralized data storage technology that secures system within cryptocurrency transactions.

What is a digital wallet?

Also known as crypto wallet, digital wallet is where one stores their public key and their private key. A public key is similar to an account number, and a private key is similar to an account password.

Key terminology

  • Mint : An act of creating an NFT and uploading it to the blockchain network
  • Gas Fee : Fee one pays for using the blockchain network
  • MetaMask : The most-used crypto wallet in the industry
  • Reveal : An act of showing the NFT after one mints an NFT
  • Whitelists : The right to mint NFT at a lower price than the public sale price. One receives a “whitelist” through various events hosted on twitter, discord, etc
  • Marketplace : Platform where one buys or sells minted NFTs
  • OpenSea : NFT Marketplace with the most users and collections currently.
  • Discord: A site/app where people interested in NFT projects come together to share information and form a community

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