Guide for FRENZ user

Does your character glitches in any way, or do you have any problem applying the items on the character? 

FRENZ provides the most reliable product on mobile phones,
and the optimized versions are available on devices with more than 2GB of RAM and firmware released later than version 27(8.1 Oreo released in 2017) on Android system,
and devices released after iPhone 6S on iOS. 

If you are using a device that meets the specifications described above but still have any difficulty using the service,
please send us an email to cs@frenz.world along with the login account, your device information, and firmware update information. 

We will try our best to improve our service for our users.

The FRENZ service is currently only available in Korean and English.
Default language is displayed in the same language as the device setting language.
If you want to change to another language, please select Korean or English in FRENZ App > MY > Settings > Language Settings.

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