Guide for FRENZ user

You can find a [Share] button on the top right side on MY > each NFT character details.
The images or animated videos can be shared to different platforms, such as social services or just simply to your friends. 

Sharing photos and videos is a member exclusive feature due to the policy regarding intellectual properties. Please sign up/in to share your characters.

* FRENZ does not take any legal responsibility for problems arising from copyright issues when a character that you have not owned is arbitrarily shared with others.

Click on [+ Comment] button on MY > each character details.

You can leave a comment of your current status and place it wherever you want.
If you do not want to use the message, drag the speech bubble to the trash can at the bottom.
Then, others will no longer be able to see it.

Changing gestures is available on MY > each character details by selecting various gesture thumbnails on 'Gestures' list. 

Your character is able to run or dance whenever you want them to.

Characters already transferred as NFT cannot be edited due to the nature of NFT in which all information is distributed and saved via blockchain technology.

The fact that a character is issued for NFT ownership justifies that the combination of body items is unique,
which is, unfortunately, no longer modifiable due to its originality.

Applying different colors or changing outfits will still be accessible.

You can create your own character using various items in FRENZ. 

If you click on a certain character thumbnail on your NFT list, you can edit and do a make-over of your characater. 

Purchasing to own a character NFT must be preceded if you wish to create another character.

Multi-formatted files for your characters are in preparation.

As for now, you can download images and animated videos of your characters.

you can add up to 10 characters in total, when you were able to add more characters only after you purchase the previous one. 

On the top left side of the Home screen, you may find the [My Characters] icon to check out your character list. 

The last one on the list will let you create a new character by tapping on the [+] button.

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