Guide for FRENZ user

Yes, FRENZ ownership proves that the individuals or business owners have business rights on their purchase characters.
However, the business right is limited to annual revenue of less than 100M KRW in use.
Please check the
 [Contents Guidelines] for the details.

The policies for FRENZ NFT usage are as follows:
* Please check out the 
[Contents Guideline] page for more detailed user guide.

1. Download and use of character assets
Save and share via images and videos on the details screen for each character.
(High-quality images and animated videos available)

2. Use as secondary content
- Uploading as a post or a profile image
- Transferring NFTs
Right after the purchase of the ownership, press “Export NFT” button below to export your character to another platform.
Exported contents are tradable in the PlayDapp Marketplace.

3. Use as business rights for commercial purposes
- Transferring NFTs through an crypto wallet for secondary transactions with the NFTs.
- Usage in products and promotional materials using character images available
(E.g., Production/promotion of merchandise, printouts for PR, posts, etc.)
However, the business right is limited to the annual revenues of less than 100M KRW in use.

🔨 More usages are in preparation.
- Stickers using your characters, face recognition, etc.
- Production of character merchandise through the linkage with the POD service
- Use of various services connected via metaverse

After the uniqueness validation, your NFT purchase will be available with the payment information stored in App Store / Google Play Store.

💳 Purchase method
Users can purchase their ownership through the FRENZ App > Home > Create Character > Purchase.

* The ownership purchase cannot be finalized without any individual character.

* You can purchase up to 100 NFT ownership.We're preparing for future updates.
*The NFT ownership is currently set at its lowest price, and may be price changes in the future. (As of October 2022)

FRENZ's uniqueness scanning technology checks the originality of the combination of body items.
* The validation will be done based on users' NFT characters,
and the validation items may be changed according to the terms and policy.

<Validated items>
*As of October 2022
- Face shape
- Hair
- Eyebrow
- Eyes
- Nose
- Mouth
- Snout
- Ears
- Face pattern

The ownership of NFTs in FRENZ is
a means of proof that allows users to prove that they are the owner of the one and only character in the digital environment,
thereby authorizing their rights to use and obtain business rights for it.
- Authentication method: Issuance No. of ownership

💳 How to purchase the NFT Ownership >
👛 How to generate a wallet address >

1. When the NFTs are transferred to an crypto wallet (Export NFT), ownership is also transferred to the recipient. You will no longer be able to use inside the FRENZ App.
* Future update: Converting NFTs to FRENZ ownership via importing the information
2. If users delete their accounts or use their ownership for commercial purposes or abuse it without a separate contract, all of their related rights will be removed.

Does your character glitches in any way, or do you have any problem applying the items on the character? 

FRENZ provides the most reliable product on mobile phones,
and the optimized versions are available on devices with more than 2GB of RAM and firmware released later than version 27(8.1 Oreo released in 2017) on Android system,
and devices released after iPhone 6S on iOS. 

If you are using a device that meets the specifications described above but still have any difficulty using the service,
please send us an email to cs@frenz.world along with the login account, your device information, and firmware update information. 

We will try our best to improve our service for our users.

The FRENZ service is currently only available in Korean and English.
Default language is displayed in the same language as the device setting language.
If you want to change to another language, please select Korean or English in FRENZ App > MY > Settings > Language Settings.

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