Guide for FRENZ user

It is allowed to create 10 characters per account. You cannot add anymore character if you reach the maximum number of characters.
Separate from the characters saved in the character library, Please note that NFT ownership can be purchased up to 100 times.

You are able to save images of your characters in a collectible card form. Tap [・・・] button to save your character cards and share to your friends and others! You can save various cards of your characters by changing their gestures.

If you tap the Crown button on [Home > My Characters], you can set a new character as your main character. Make sure you have 2 or more characters created to change your main character. Add characters as much as you want and set them as your main character to create bunch of character resources.

You can also find a [Delete character] button by tapping on [・・・] button. Caution! Deleted characters are not able to be restored in any case.

We’ve added new features to our application where you can add at most 10 characters without purchasing previous one. To create a new one, move on to the end of the list on [My characters] and open a new capsule. Say hi to your new character! You’re now an owner of your character collection.

You can set a main character to create various media contents using your characters. Create and customize various characters and save them to [My characters]. Tap on the Crown button to set a main character.

Pretty sure you’ve seen characters from all around the world!
Now it’s time to ‘Bookmark’ FRENZ you’d like to see frequently. 

The ‘Bookmark’ button on the top right side of the page will help you add any FRENZ to Bookmark. 

To access the bookmarked character later, you can find a ‘Bookmark list’ button on the top right side of the [Check out FRENZ] page to see all of the characters you have saved.

How to report copyright infringement on characters 

If you find FRENZ characters infringing on your own or others' copyrights on websites other than the FRENZ platform, please report it to the website administrator or copyright owner.
If you have any other questions, please contact the customer service center of FRENZ (cs@frenz.world).

Currently, all items are provided free of charge, so that anyone can create a variety of characters.

When the item shop starts operating, you can purchase paid items to create more rare characters.

Try pressing the [Dice] button when customizing your character.

You will be able to create cute characters that are randomly combined with FRENZ character generator.

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